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What suits your taste best?


What other parts of the event planning process excites you? Food! Tasting, definitely! You want to make sure the food to be served on your event really suits your taste. Event Pavilions Group has a list of caterers you can choose from and we are listing below 4 important questions to take ask yourself when it comes to food tasting and your caterer.


What food do you want on your event?


We will provide you with a list of our caterers and the food we offer. We want you to choose from our list so we can carefully prepare the food for you for a tasting session. Tastings give us and our clients the chance to comment and suggest for any adjustment or tweaking to suit your liking. You always tell us your honest opinion about the food we serve so we can improve the service we provide you.


PS: Make sure you’re not full when you come to the tasting.


What policies do we have when it comes to food tasting?


Some companies will require you to sign agreements before food tasting. Some offer free tasting sessions. Companies just want to guarantee you choose them. Food tastings are expensive and require quite a lot of work. In EPG, we ask you to pay for the food tasting, but we credit you with the food tasting payment, if ever you get one of our caterers, after your event.


How will your event look like?


We have an event stylist here in EPG. During food tastings, we also decorate and do mock ups of table and venue setup to show you what we can do for you. You may also suggest depending on your liking. Our event stylist is very talented and is able to do whatever you can think of, so your event definitely has your personal touch.


Will our prices meet your budget?


You tell us what you need and we provide you with flexible packages. With our number of caterers, we can provide you with different packages that will fit your budget while staying committed in giving you quality service.


The whole food tasting session will give you a feel on how your event will be like. Be specific on what you want and let us work hand in hand to provide you with the event you’ve been dreaming of.

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