What’s on your list of a perfect holiday menu?

The cold breeze, the jingle bells ringing, and the voices of the singing Christmas carolers will never be the same without your favorite holiday dishes.


Kids of all ages love spaghetti, may it be the classic Italian recipe or the sweet and spicy recipe most Filipinos prefer, this pasta dish will never be absent in our holiday table.

Hotdogs with Marshmallow

The children will definitely look for something they can eat. Their favorite…. Hotdogs! Dress it up with some marshmallows, then you won’t have any problem feeding the young ones.


It can sometimes be intimidating to prepare, but this steamed meatloaf recipe will also be a top choice for your Christmas eve dinner.


Not too many Filipinos prepare turkey but we all know that this is one traditional holiday dish that makes our mouths water. We usually substitute it with…

Roasted Chicken

Roasted chicken is the turkey of the Filipinos. This dish never misses any special occasion, so why not prepare it during Noche Buena?

Chicken Macaroni Salad

Some would want it sweet, others would want it savory. Whichever way your family traditionally cooks this, you’ll never forget to put this dish on your Noche Buena plate.

Fruit Salad

Desserts will always be on your holiday recipe checklists. What’s a better way than preparing your favorite fruits mixed with cream and milk, while also having on the side some…

Leche Flan

You can never go wrong with a leche flan recipe prepared with love.

Queso de Bola

A great tasting queso de bola is the best addition to accent your Christmas eve table.


We all love and look for all these dishes on our plates, but the star of the Noche Buena is the…


Christmas will never be complete without a perfectly glazed ham. To every home… to any tradition… It’s a Christmas ham that makes us all feel the holiday season.

All these foods will taste a lot more delicious when we share it with our families and all our loves ones while celebrating the true spirit of the holidays, sharing and loving.

Tell us your thoughts! Leave a comment below and share us your favorite holiday dishes.

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