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December 12, 2017
We like to thank you for a wonderful 2017 that has been, that is why we like to give back to you so we can jumpstart the year 2018 just right! Check out our venue of the month promo where we feature one of our accredited venues and any event booked in this event pavilion for the month of the promo, even if your event is on any other date, we will give you the venue for free as long as you book it with any of our accredited caterers as well. We are extending to you the relationship we have built with our partner venues. For this month, we are featuring Park Hall event pavilion in Paco, Manila. Call us now or send us a message to know more about this month’s promo.
Venue of the Month Promo
January 16, 2018
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Let’s Plan for You All Year Long

What’s a better way to build a good relationship with our corporate partners than making their lives easier?


We search for you. We connect with you. We make your life easier.


It is with our best efforts to look for corporate partners to provide with solutions on event venues and event planning. This isn’t just a one-time deal. As time pass, we always try to build a relationship with you.


How many events do you plan to have in the future? How many other events will you have the whole year? We get your plan, we get your calendar. We get to know the other important dates of the year for your company. And we help you execute them hassle-free.


We know how busy you are running your business, so let’s make your life easier. Worry less about your company’s upcoming events, ‘coz we’ve got you covered. We understand you have far more important problems to provide solutions with so we resolve all your event needs for you even far before you need them.


Inquire now and know how to be one of our corporate partners!

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