For almost 40 years, the Old Swiss Inn restaurant has been the favorite of the Manila society for its fine European dining. It continues the tradition by serving authentic European favorites and new creations for its discerning generation of diners. There are two branches today, one in Manila tourist district and another in Makati Central business district.

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Leodora’s Catering offers professional catering services at any budget. Setting the table for banquets, it has various meal packages perfect for every occasion.

Remember the lolas and titas who always had good food whenever you came over, whether for a quick visit or a big party? That’s Leodora’s. We’ve gathered our best-loved recipes for you, always “family style,” so everyone can share in our old traditions and your brand-new memories.

The people behind Leodora’s have been in the food business for decades, with a reputation for quality, professionalism and reliability. We cater and we deliver party platters and packed meals from our restaurant. You can leave everything up to us, because we go the extra mile for family.

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Yurtz was derived from the Turkic word “yurts”, which are the round portable tents that serve as the home of the nomads of Mongolia.

We chose Yurtz because we wanted to bring our cooking to your yurt, or your home. We specialize in Mongolian grill, Turkish, Lebanese, and other Middle and East Asian cuisine, and are experienced caterers for the last 20 years.

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